Enjoy the evolved conversation


Those helping change Colombia, in their own special way, to achieve our goal. They are 100% bought into our mission. Those with the network, influence, and know-how are present. Be one of them.


The core of our membership is made up of you. Those wanting evolved conversation, education, or just mingling with those that believe in the philosophy of blockchain. The spot is here and with us.


We are focused on philanthropist who are poised on increasing their donor effectiveness. Produce a culture, in Colombia, of next-generation solutions through the power of community and blockchain.


Those who are waking up to the world of blockchain. Attend one of our open public meetups to learn how Colombia is helping the blockchain revolution. Start the journey! If you have the desire this is the place.

We invest in each other

Our Utility Token

Hash aims to bring influential blockchain projects closer together, improve communication between developers, researchers and users, and cultivating the eco-system required for Medellin to flurish in the blockchain space. Our social space is the start of something big.

HASH Tokens are created to force the elevation in our own members. We can lead lead to a 100% community-managed lounge that exists for a common mission we can all get behind.  Medellin the true Crypto Valley!